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Who is igrowugrow.biz?

IgrowUgrow is a Kitchen Gardening micro business dedicated to year round vegetable gardening without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers in a suburban setting.

What is igrowugrow.biz?

IgrowUgrow is many things...

It is a local vegetable gardening service, providing garden installation and garden maintenance...

It is a garden consulting service...

It is a podcast that turns my kitchen garden into your kitchen garden. I share tips and tricks that I use in my very own garden real time, as they happen day to day. I share my ups and down in the garden as I deal with pests and common problems gardeners face.

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Where is igrowugrow.biz?

IgrowUgrow is based in Atlanta, Georgia

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When was igrowugrow.biz established?

IgrowUgrow intellectual properties were formed in 2005, and on paper in 2010.

Why igrowugrow .biz?

  When people see my garden, the first thing they say is “I want a garden like this, How did you do it? Can you teach me or will you set me a garden up in my yard?”

  So after that became a reoccurring theme, I knew then my kitchen garden can be your kitchen garden.

Not to mention bringing back the kitchen garden to...

suburban and inner city homes

proving pesticide free vegetables year round for families, and those that can’t garden due physical ailments, and last but not least putting the fruit of the earth back in the kitchen with the joy of gardening as a whole.

Vegetable garden installation

How much will it cost you?

Your budget is my budget lets negotiate

Vegetable garden maintenance

new & pre existing

price varies based on the size of garden

Consultation by the hour

$20.oo per hour

can be used in thirty minute increments


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